Star Family Readings:

Why I'm Doing Star Family Readings Now

I recently received a message that we are moving into a very, very dark time. The Dark Side and Satanic forces are attempting to keep the Earth and its inhabitants from ascending by drawing it into a pocket dimension. The Earth has been placed under quarantine to keep the Dark forces that are operating here from affecting other realms. There is a great battle going on. Many people will leave and are leaving the planet very quickly. Some of them are being removed to be taken out of harm's way. It may come to the point that if the Ascension does not happen, the physical Earth will be destroyed as the final effort to defeat the Dark forces operating on 3-D Earth. If that happens, many will need to be evacuated. There are people here who represent many different Star Races. Each of these Star Races has an investment and an interest in what's happening here. None of them wish to have their "descendants" destroyed. As a result, they will be coming to retrieve all from their race that they can.

Time is very short and preparations need to be made in order to be ready to leave this realm - either by Ascension or Evacuation. I've been guided to help people make quicker connection with their Star Family in order to receive important information and last minute instructions on how to prepare for what is coming.

What Is a Star Family Reading and How Does It Work?

Star Family Readings are channeled messages received by Margo on your behalf. These short readings focus on identifying and connecting with your Star Family, learning your mission and receiving other relevant information regarding what you need to do in your remaining time here on 3-D Earth. Come to the reading with 3 questions you want answered by your Star Family. After a brief introduction, Margo will say a prayer of protection. She will then go into a relaxed state and make contact with your Star Family. Once contact has been established, the 3 questions will be addressed. Margo will describe their appearance, along with where they're from and the name of their race if it's revealed. This usually covers the first question. Then the other questions will be addressed. If time allows, Margo will go into more detail and explanation.

Can I Have Additional Star Family Readings?

Yes. You may have other questions that you would like answered after your first reading, or you may want to connect with a different Star Race.

Can I Have More than One Star Family?

You may have connections to different Star Races in addition to a main Star Family. Also, you may have a mixture of different star DNA, which would make you connected to more Star Races. Some people have lived among various Star Races in different lifetimes and would have those connections as well. Generally, each Star Family Reading is focused on one Star Race. Other Star Race connections could be explored in repeat Star Family Readings.

Other Things to Consider

The Star Family Readings are designed to be short and focused sessions for the specific purposes explained above. These sessions do not include implant removal, empathic body scan, coaching or consultation. If you are interested in these other areas of my work, the appropriate session needs to be booked to address those issues.

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