Services Offered

Hypnosis for:

  • Star Family Origins
  • UFO Contact
  • Discovering and Removing Blocks
  • Past Life Regression
  • Restoring Your Divine Connection
  • Contacting Your Angels and Guides
  • Discovery of Your Life's Purpose
  • Accessing Your Inner Wisdom and Guidance
  • Library of the Subconscious Mind

Spiritual Healing is offered in the form of:

  • Removal of Alien, Energetic or Etheric Implants
  • Removal from the Matrix
  • Re-establishing Connection to the Divine Energy for Complete Healing
  • Healing of Emotional, Physical, Mental and Psychic Bodies

Recommended initial sessions in order:

  1. Initial Consultation with Empathic Body Scan/Reading/Healing, Shielding Technique - 2.5 hrs
  2. Removal of Alien, Energetic and Etheric Implants and Inter-dimensional Healing - 2.5 hours
  3. Removal from the Matrix and Implant Removal follow-up - 1.5 hrs

Unsure about starting?

  • You can have a 40 minute consultation with Margo to discuss your situation.

The above recommended three core sessions are essential for your success. These sessions will help you to relax your mind and body, and we are able to establish a rapport that we will build on. Additionally, with your implants removed and having been removed from the Matrix, you will experience greater healing and success in our future sessions. Once you have experienced the three Core Sessions, you are ready for other sessions of your liking such as contacting your Star Family, exploring UFO contact, past life regression, contacting your angels and guides, or a wide variety of other areas which you may have in mind.

During the course of a session, Margo may utilize a combination of techniques to include hypnosis, guided imagery and prayer, in addition to using her own inner vision and empathic gifts in order to gain the greatest effect.

Holistic Life Coaching is incorporated to offer guidance in various areas of your life to include health, diet, exercise, meditation, relationships, and much more.


Green Living Coaching by Margo

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