Working with UFO Contactees and Abductees in Hypnosis

Have you ever seen a UFO? Had missing time? Awakened with unexplained bruises and scratch marks on your body? Had dreams of being on a craft or being examined by doctors? Are you drawn to the subject of UFO's and aliens? If so, you very well could be a UFO contactee.

More and more people are considering the subject of extra-terrestrial contact these days. The field has opened up tremendously in the last 10 years. More television shows talk about our possible ET heritage, along with the flood of science fiction movies which feature aliens coming here, living among us, and even breeding with us. These shows have been around for decades, telling us the truth in their own way. Along with this comes a mental and emotional preparation of the public to be able to handle a shift in their reality should such ET contact happen in their own lives. Just 10 years ago, most people were afraid to speak out about seeing a UFO or having unexplained things happen to them. In the past, one was diagnosed with a mental disorder and given electric shock treatments in order to subdue the person who had experienced something out of the ordinary. Not so much these days. With the internet and alternative media, more and more people are coming out with their experiences. The more we discuss our experiences, the more we know that we are not alone in our experiences. These things are happening world-wide across all spectrum of the population. It is time for us to explore and find out for ourselves what is happening to us.

Many people have had UFO or ET contact and not have any memory of the event. This can be from several different factors. First of all, if something is too far out to be in a person's belief system, more than likely the person will not recall the experience. Second, the person can be put in an altered state of consciousness during the contact, in which case they would not necessarily remember the experience. A person can be taken out of time and experience the contact in a different space/time reality. Or, a person may be asleep during the contact and may recall it as a dream. Also, if a person experiences a very traumatic event, they may not remember it. This is the mind's way of protecting the person from the trauma. However, just because someone does not remember an event, does not mean that nothing happened to them. The body stores memories of everything that happens to it in the muscles. Through hypnosis and accessing muscle memories, contact experiences may be explored.

If someone is wanting to explore their own contact experiences, it is important they find the right hypnotherapist for them. UFO contact therapy is so different than any other kind of therapy, most hypnotists do not have experience with it and are not equipped to work with the contactee effectively. The hypnotist may also be uncomfortable working with UFO experiencers. Because experiencers may have a variety of contact, from extra-terrestrial, to UFO, Milab, and mind control programming, it can be dangerous to explore experiences with a hypnotist who is unfamiliar with working in these areas. Just as hypnosis is effective for post-hypnotic suggestions to effect positive change, they can also work against a person if they have been put in by their controllers to suppress their memories. I attended a conference in which Cathy O'Brien was speaking about her deprogramming from her CIA mind control. She apparently was deprogrammed successfully, however, upon trying to deprogram her daughter, instead of being healed, she went into a vegetative state from which she never recovered. Apparently, her daughter's controllers had instilled a post-hypnotic suggestion that upon recalling her experiences, she would not be able to function. This is a very important point that hypnotists need to be aware of when they are dealing with anyone who may be a contactee or have had any kind of unusual experiences. I have developed my own "pre-hypnotic" suggestions that I use with all my clients to nullify any previous suggestions of negative consequences the person may have upon recalling or experiencing the material. I am happy to discuss these suggestions with other hypnotists if they would like to learn more.

I developed have my own techniques of working with contactees, especially ones who have no memory, no sighting, no missing time or anomalous events to regress to. I developed these techniques while exploring my own experiences during my hypnosis training. Most hypnotists will regress the person to a UFO sighting, or another anomalous event such as missing time. However, I find the person's hypnotic experience to be less influenced by pre-conceived ideas by using my techniques of regressing with body memories. One needs to be open to whatever the experience may be. It also may a few sessions in order to retrieve the memories depending on the individual. Even if the experience is unpleasant, while in the hypnotic trance state, the person can view the experience without emotion. This will help them understand what happened and will begin to answer questions they might have had for a very long time. So with the right hypnotist, a contactee can face the the unknown without fear or trauma.

Once someone has recovered some of their memories and experiences, even though their world might be turned upside down for a while, it is a relief to understand what has been going on and to realize that something extraordinary really did happen to them. They will realize that it does not matter if others believe them or not...what matters is their own peace of mind that comes with the knowledge and understanding of their experiences. With this comes acceptance that yes, it is okay to be different and to express that difference as well.

Aprul 17, 2016

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