Connect With Your Star Family
Through Hypnosis

Starseed...Are you from elsewhere? Do you feel that this Earth is not your home? Do you yearn for the stars and wish to go Home? If so, you are not alone. More and more people are feeling the strange melancholy that comes with the knowing that something doesn't feel right and has never felt right here...feeling that their family is foreign and that they don't fit in or belong anywhere.

I felt that way most of my life until I went to my first UFO conference and finally felt that I had found some people of like mind. That was before the internet. Now, the the internet is a wonderful thing, with youtube, social networking sites, blog talk radio, etc. The information available is really something. In fact, it's overwhelming. There are so many people offering their opinions, advice, experiences and guidance, that it's hard to know who to listen to. Many offer techniques of meditation or visualization to help you develop your inner abilities, manifest your perfect job or partner, or who knows what. But very few actually teach you to go within to access your own inner wisdom and experiences.

Hypnosis has traditionally been used to effect positive behavior changes to lose weight, stop smoking, relieve anxiety and stress management, to name a few. It eventually evolved to include past life regression and contacting angels and guildes. A few brave hypnotists have ventured into using hypnosis to help UFO contactees recall their experiences. During my work with contactees, I found that many automatically contact their Star Family while in trance, but not always. It seemed to be something that many people wanted, whether they were UFO contactees or not. Therefore, I developed my own techniques of contacting your Star Family. Contacting the Star Family is unique! The Star Family will usually impart information specific to the individual's situation and make-up. The Star Family may also help the person resolve long-standing deep-seated issues that have stood in the way of the person fulfilling their life's purpose. As a result, one might feel lighter, less burdened with old problems, calmer, an inner peace, and an over-all feeling of well-being and greater self-condifence.

Coming to know your Star Family can truly be a life-changing experience!

January 22, 2016


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