What If I Get Re-Implanted?

Once you have your implants removed, can you get reimplanted? How is this possible? How do you know if you've been re-implanted? What can you do to remove the implants? What can you do to avoid being reimplanted?

People can get reimplanted after having their implants removed. This can happen in a number of ways. It can happen by the person not fully shielding themselves, or by having doubts about their sheilding. Much of this is involved in a person's belief system. If you believe your shields will hold, then normally they will. However, sometimes one might become angry, depressed, or caught off guard when in a social setting and they become open and vulnerable to entities and energies in their environment that will attach to them. If this happens, the person can usually tell that something is "off" or they will feel different from before. Sometimes it can happen with a hand shake, or a seemingly innocent touch on the arm or back. Where they have been touched will leave an energy imprint that can linger and actually begin to make the person feel sick.

If you feel that you may have been re-implanted, it is best to do a quick inner scan of the body. Notice any new or unusual pain or sensations you have after the encounter. You can learn to visualize what is in your energy field by letting your inner awareness guide you. Also during the initial implant removal session, I will describe to you what I see as I remove it. Some people feel immediate relief. Then if the pain or discomfort returns in the future, they can visualize the implant from before and can then take it out. The more you can learn to do for yourself, the better. You can learn to be aware of your energy body and when you might be under attack. You can also be creative in your own removal process that works for you. This is very important in learning to be a strong spiritual being and not being a victim of the darkness.

If you need help in removing more implants, I am happy to help. Most of the time it can be quick session. I do a follow-up on the implant removal in the third session along with removing the person from the Matrix. This techinque will be described in another article.

One of the most powerful ways to be protected from re-implantation is to keep your mind focused on the task at hand and keep your energy high. I have found prayer to be very effective in this regard. I always ask for protection before I leave my home and when I am about to encounter other people. After all, the angels are there to assist us, but we have to ask before they will jump in.

April 15, 2016


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