Reincarnation and Past Lives - Understanding Your
Soul's Grand Tapestry

Reincarnation... Past Lives... Have you lived before? What impact do your past lives have on your present existence? How does Past Life Regression Therapy work and how can it help you?

Do you have memories of living in another time or place? Are you drawn to certain ancient cultures? Were you born with a natural gift or talent for music, art or language? If so, you may have lived before and these memories and experiences are being carried forward into your consciousness today.

The soul's journey is like a beautiful tapestry. Every thread of existence is important and complements the other threads in the piece. Sometimes the threads overlap, and sometimes they are woven together. But somehow each thread plays its part in completing the work of art. Discovering your past lives, one at a time, will help you begin to understand your soul's journey, and eventually you will gain the bigger picture of the tapestry of life and existence. When you do this, your life will gain greater meaning and purpose. You will have a greater appreciation for life's turmoils and ups and downs. You will also have a richer experience as you connect on a deeper level to others and the world around you, knowing that even now, this thread of existence has a great purpose in your Soul's Grand Tapestry.

A past life regression usually centers around uncovering a past connection to some problem or issue one is currently having. Many times if the root cause of the problem lies in a past life, the problem or issue will be resolved as a result of simply discovering the cause and letting it go.

When in the trance state, the past life experience is like watching a movie of yourself in another time and place. You will be directed to important events in that lifetime to see who you were, what you were doing, and with whom. You will eventually be directed to your time of death. Then after the time of death, when your spirit rises into the spirit realm, you will be taken on a life review of sorts to understand from the soul's perspective the theme of that lifetime. You'll learn how that lifetime relates to your current existence and glean knowledge and understanding of its influence.

Sometimes during this time between lives, guides will come to assist the person in reviewing their experience. Some people bring forth teachings and wisdom while in this state which they normally never would be able to access. In this state between lives, the consciousness is expanded and one is not limited to this Earth plane view - their view is more grand and universal.

Your past lives may have an unknown influence on health, relationships, beliefs, and life situation. You may be blocked in some of these areas and not know why, only to discover there is some link to a past life that needs to be recognized. Once you begin to discover those links, you can put the pieces of the puzzle together in a new way, with a new understanding. You can be free from past influences and move forward to embrace and express more of your Soul's Grand Tapestry.

May 3, 2016


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