Removal from the Matrix Implant Removal

What is the Matrix exactly? How are we plugged into the Matrix? Can someone unplug from the Matrix and if so, how?

The Matrix is the energetic system the elite have created here for our 3-D experience. We perceive our reality through our energetic bodies and our mind-brain interface. Everyone is plugged into the Matrix as a part of this 3-D reality. We come into this world plugged in. Unless we consciously unplug from it, we will be taught and triggered how to see, feel, experience and act in this world. This programming is then reinforced by our family, schools, authority figures, peers and media. With all these layers of programming, it becomes near impossible for one to become free of this programming. I was given this Matrix removal technique by my Divine Source. It is very powerful and will help people to start experiencing this world without interference, the way they were supposed to experience it.

Most people have the same or similar implants into the Matrix in order for them to all have this experience. However, when removing these Matrix implants, I do see a few variances. I am able to tune into the individual and provide inidividual healing during the Matrix implant removal process. Also during this session, I re-scan the body and remove any other implants that I may see. The individual can learn to sense and remove their own implanats with time and practice.

April 16, 2016


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