How I've Grown with Jesus as a
Result of Implant Removal Work

From the beginning phases of learning implant removal, I've been mentored and guided by God and Jesus. As my inner vision opened and I was shown certain conditions and situations that I didn't understand, I would ask God to help me understand the situation and guide me in how to proceed. I always say a prayer of protection and ask for God, Jesus and the Angels to help me in the sessions. This is what sets my work apart from other practitioners who remove implants and/or do energy healing work. Jesus appears in most sessions now and often takes over, doing direct healing, casting out of demons, or dealing with Satan.

I knew some basic Spiritual Warfare before I started this work. I had developed some very basic binding and casting out and other prayers that I used on myself. Then I started working with clients that had demonic attachments to the implants, portals in their heads and other things. I used my basic Spiritual Warfare techniques when I started encountering these things. It helped, but I knew I needed more tools. So I took Spiritual Warfare classes from Dan Duval. I learned more about the spiritual realm, in particular that there are so many demons everywhere, just waiting to get a foothold in someone's life. I also saw how demons could be attached to implants, and that if the implants were removed without casting out the demons, the implants would come back. I also saw that if people merely prayed to get rid of the demons, but did not remove the implants, then the demons could come back. So in my work, I address not only the implants in the energy field, but also any demonic entities attached to the implants. This is the only way to become completely clear. Now as a matter of course, I say certain prayers and use spiritual warfare in every session.

A few years ago I surrendered myself fully to Jesus when I was going through a terrible health crisis. I asked Him to come into my life and help. I told Him that if He could help me with that crisis, I would do whatever He wanted me to do. I talk about that health crisis in my YouTube video: How I Met Jesus - Margo's Story. I am now fulfilling that agreement and promise I made in 2014.

In dealing with demonic entities, the only one that can truly get rid of them is Jesus Christ himself. He is the only one that has authority over them and He is the one they will run from. This is why it's important to not substitute the name Jesus Christ with something such as the "Christ energy" or the like. They are not the same thing. Also, in order for spiritual warfare to be truly effective, you have to commit yourself to Jesus Christ and not dabble in other religions, traditions, dark arts or occult practices. This is why spiritual warfare might work at first for someone, but it might not work later on. If the person is not truly committed to Jesus and is lukewarm about the whole process, they may be dabbling again with psychics, card readers, shamans, drugs, alcohol and other behaviors that are opening them to the other realms and attacks. This kind of person will not be successful with spiritual warfare. Jesus comes for the ones He has a connection with and the ones He knows are truly committed.

Jesus knows your heart. One must truly keep holy company and be on a straight and narrow path in order for this to work. Most people are still engaged and enamored with this fallen 3D Matrix reality. They believe the lies sold to them by Satan, such as they can manifest whatever they want for themselves, or they can have astral experiences, remote view or influence someone, cast a spell on someone, climb their way to the top of the corporate ladder, take psychedelics (or ayahuasca) etc.

There have been people I've worked with for hours to get them cleared of implants, spiritually healed and balanced. I've used elaborate spiritual warfare and taught them numerous techniques and prayers to use. They have had direct connection with Jesus and healing from Him. And yet some people have been drawn back to their old ways. When this happens, all the good work we did is undone or at best watered down. I never would have believed the darkness is so invasive and is manipulating everyone and everything. I've seen for myself through empathing with my clients, seeing and feeling their situations, emotions and fears, seeing the demons tethered to them or going directly into them, and I've been able to help them become free through the help of Jesus, God and the Angels. The ones who do the best over a long term are those who believe in Jesus Christ and say their prayers daily. They also incorporate a spiritual warfare protocol for work, home and other situations. They make lifestyle changes in behaviors, diet, friends and family so they can keep more holy company and not be drawn back into old behaviors or situations that open them to the demonic realm.

This work is not for the curiosity seekers or to be "tried out." This work is serious, and for the ones who take it seriously, intense great healing, growth and transformation can take place. It takes commitment and a willingness to let go of everything from the past that is no longer serving them. Most people are not willing to take this step - this leap. But even if someone just does one session, they are better off than not having done anything.

I have grown to rely on Jesus for so much now. He's in my heart. I feel Him with me constantly. With the darkness descending on this planet, He is the One - the only one we can go to now with complete confidence of being saved, protected and cared for. The message is simple but it's not so easy for most people to accept. I'm here, offering to help whomever I can in these dark end times. You don't have to do it alone, but you do have to ask before you will receive help.

February 22, 2018


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