Removal of Alien, Etheric and Energetic Implants and Entities

What are implants? Where did they come from? Who has them? Can and should they be removed? How are implants removed and what are the benefits of implant removal?

Implants are items or entites that have been placed in our energetic or etheric bodies in order to influence us in some way. Most of the implants are from an alien source. The purpose of implants is to supress the human race from being able to access our full potential and God consciousness. Implants can also be used to program us to act in certain ways or to even develop disease or pain. Implants shut us off from our Divine energies and drain our life force.

Most people are implanted as part of being in this 3-D Matrix world. The implants keep us plugged into the Matrix of this reality so we do not see beyond the programming of our masters. Programming takes the form of mind control, thought control, and control over our emotions. We find ourselves constantly in a reactive mode, rather than in a creative, free-thinking state of mind. This is from the constant bombardment of programming from television, movies, media, the internet, society, etc. We are also constantly bombarded by cell phone towers, wi-fi, smart meters, radiation, and chemtrails. All of these things can trigger the implants which have been placed in a person. This can cause a person great distress, illness and eventually an early death. I believe that much disease and illness is directly linked to implants which have had many years or even a lifetime to deteriorate the body.

When I had my implants removed, I felt very dizzy and like I was upside down inside my body for about three days. Within about a month, I felt much freer and more clear in my mind. I was seeing the world more clearly and felt myself getting unstuck. My thoughts became more clear and my creativity returned. I started remembering my dreams again, after years of not recalling many dreams at all. My own inner vision developed very quickly and I soon was able to see and remove implants from others, including animals and from the Great One (my name for the soul of our beautiful planet).

Different people have different ways of removing implants. I like to go into a light hypnotic trance state with the person. Then while they are in that relaxed, open state, I can ask them questions which will trigger my seeing their implants or areas that need to be addressed. Once the implants are removed and the person is clear of debris, I conduct a spiritual healing as well, seeing healing energy restoring the body on all different levels. I also give healing suggestions during this part. I believe by having the person in a hypnotic trance state for all of this, it facilitates the healing of the person. Finally, I direct the person in installing psychic and energetic sheilds to keep from receiving future implants. However, the shields are only as strong as the person's belief and it is possible to become re-implanted. What to do in the event of re-implantation will be addressed in another article.

Some people experience immediate pain relief from the implant removal and spiritual healing. Some people experience a lightness within where they experienced heaviness before. Some people start developing psychic abilities or a strong knowingness. I believe we have the ability to heal damaged DNA and have our bodies rebuild themselves once our blocks and implants are removed. However, this will take time, and one must be patient. This is not a "quick fix" for all of someone's problems. But it is a very good first step to becoming free of past influences.

Once a person's implants are removed, they will experience a whole process of unlearning their programming and then a process of going within in order to access their own inner wisdom for guidance. After all, we were all born with this innate inner wisdom. It has only been blocked from us by this insidious system. It is time for the human race to reclaim the powers we were meant to have as Great Spiritual Beings.

April 10, 2016


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